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Preparing for Home Appraisals

A professional home appraisal is critical if you’re selling your house. Not only do home appraisals provide potential buyers and lenders with a good idea of what the home is worth, but they also are important for refinancing purposes.

The following are a few tips to consider before you have a professional home appraisal done:

  • Review any previous appraisals. When doing so, look for issues that lowered your home’s value and address them.
  • Gather important documents for the appraiser, including land surveys, proof of the home’s most recent sale price and a list of recent improvements you’ve made on the home.
  • Clean your home by doing things like clearing clutter, wiping down walls and power washing decks. This will make the inspection easier for the appraiser and could result in a higher price.
  • Make minor repairs. Small fixes like touching up old paint jobs and replacing doorknobs can add value.