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Commercial Inland Marine

Inland Marine insurance is coverage for property in transit over land, moveable property or legal liability exposures of bailees.  Commercial property policies are often insufficient for for these types of exposures because you are generally limited to 100 feet from the described premises.  For this reason, Inland Marine coverage exists.

The most common types of Inland Marine policies are: Bailee’s Customer Coverage, Builders Risk, Installation Floater, Motor Truck Cargo, Contractor’s Equipment and Medical Equipment.

Bailee’s Customer Coverage

Protects clients’ property left in the care, custody or control of your business – e.g. warehouses, repair shops, etc.

Builders Risk

Protects commercial buildings under construction or renovation.

Installation Floater

Protects materials being used for installation while they’re being loaded onto truck and until they are finished being installed at end location.

Motor Truck Cargo

Insures client property while in transit to delivery location.

Contractors Equipment

Covers equipment owned or rented by Contractors.

Medical Equipment

Protects equipment being used in the medical or healthcare industry.